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Our pricing structure is different than many other firms. First, we don’t charge by the hour–ever. Many businesses don’t use an advisor or their accountant/CPA because they get charged for every phone call or email.  That pricing model doesn’t work for small business owners. You need to have the opportunity to call us for advice when you need it and not worry about the cost. 

When you decide to work with us, we ask a lot of questions to learn about you, your business and your  goals. We also listen. Then we come to an agreement on the scope of services and price. It’s simple, honest and fair pricing for today’s business owner. 

We also realize that each business and its owner is unique. That’s why we don’t have a one size fits all  model. Your price for your services are unique to you. 

      Single Source Service

Our goal is to earn all of your business.  From your bookkeeping needs to preparing your annual tax return. It costs us less to monitor your business’ health throughout the year than to come in at the last month. You’ll receive a larger discount for using more of our services too. That’s why we are your single outsource for your business.


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