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Payroll and HR Services

Whether you are a business of one or a thousand, we offer secure, reliable payroll and HR services for you and your employees. Payroll and HR services have changed signifcantly in the past 5 years. Most importantly, the cost has gone down due to technology. That means you will save time and money. Not to mention a reduction in the amount of paperwork! We have several options to choose so you can find the right product and service for your company.

In fact, if you have one payroll clerk that you pay $40,000 per year plus benefits, it’s possible that we can reduce that expense by 70%. That’s a lot of extra cash that you can put into your business.

We can handle all the paperwork for  new hires and filing all of the required tax forms. Your tax payments will be made for you as well. You will receive timely reporting so you know exactly what’s going on. It doesn’t matter where you’re located since our cloud technology will work anywhere.

Do you need to add benefits to your company? We can add that easily to any employee’s pay. How about time off requests? Done. Employees can manage their account through a secure portal. No more manual data entry for staff.  In fact, you may find that you don’t need an on-site payroll staff anymore.

You can even add contractors to your pay list. Their 1099s will be filed with the irs.gov for you too. There’s no additional charges for end of the year paperwork including w-2’s. Everything is included for a flat monthly fee.

Finally, our staff is certified by the American Payroll Organization (apa.org) so you know that they are knowledgeable about payroll laws. Contact us for a quote for your company and start saving on your next pay run.

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