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Bill.com is a cloud-based software program that helps business owners and bookkeepers pay their bills. But that’s not all Bill.com does. It can reduce the time needed to process and pay those bills significantly. For example, you could have your vendors send their bills to you via email directly to Bill.com. Then you can either approve the bill and pay or send it to the appropriate person for approval and then pay. There’s no paper. There’s no checks to write. Funds can be sent electronically directly to the vendor for a lot less than sending a check. In addition, it’s much more secure since your payments are traceable. No more lost payments  or phone calls asking when your payment will be coming.

You can also receive payments via Bill.com for a fraction of the cost of credit card transactions. I’ve used Bill.com for several years and use it to help and set up new customers to streamline the accounts payable functions. It saves time and money that you can verify. If you’re interested in a demo, contact Scott at 763.412.1170 or [email protected]