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Business Process and Efficiency

Every small business has a list of procedures for completing jobs or tasks. Whether you’re a retail operation or a service business, a detailed, business process and efficiency plan is essential for running a profitable business. How you design those procedures determines your efficiency.

Why are processes and efficiencies important? It makes the difference between making a profit or losing it all. You’ve worked too hard at your business to lose money on a inefficient processes.  Also, as a small business owner, you have to be willing to honestly review how your are doing things today.

If you have hesitation or are uncomfortable with change, then it won’t work. Our experts will spend time with you reviewing your current processes and then make recommendations to update.  Our goal is to reduce your expenses while keeping the same level of service and saving time.  That time saving can be either giving you more time or reducing staff time.

One of our clients switched their accounting software to xero.com and quickly realized the savings in time and staff. They saved $50,000 in their first year by reducing their staff by one person. How? Xero automated  many of the bookkeeping functions that was previously completed by that person.

Change is inevitable, progress is a choice.

business process and efficiency plan

Is Your Business Efficient? My Guaranteed Offer.

I’m confident in my firm’s ability to analyze your business looking for inefficiencies. In fact, I will waive my normal half day fee of $250 or $500 for all day if I’m unable to find and recommend a change that will save your business at least $250 or $500 per month!  There’s no risk at all for you. You don’t pay me anything or you save $250 per month or even $500 per month. Terms and conditions do apply so contact us for details. Nobody else offers this guarantee and there are limited spots available in our schedule.



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