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My name is Scott Wallace and I am the owner and Chief Problem Solver for Opportunity Financial Advisors. I have an undergraduate degree in Education and a MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance. I’ve owned several small businesses including a commercial cleaning service, lawn mowing service, video store and a digital marketing business. I’ve also worked for a large bank in their credit and underwriting department for 13 years. While I’ve learned many things in college, the most important items have been acquired through experience. I know what it takes to try and make payroll at the end of the month, manage expenses and cash flow and budget. I have taken risks and challenged the status quo.

I have established a network of professionals that can help you with just about anything including CPA’s, enrolled agents, insurance brokers and marketing people. Their expertise in finding the right solution for you is our difference.

Opportunity Financial Advisors was created because I had numerous experiences with firms in the past that didn’t meet my expectations. I wanted real-time data of my finances so I could make decisions quicker. I also needed someone who knew where to find information for me or the right person who could answer my question. Instead, I often received responses a week or two later or was told to call someone else. As a small business owner, you need timely responses and advice so you can run your business successfully.

Time is money in business. The more time that you spend on non-revenue tasks, the less you make. ┬áIf you need information about how to set up benefit plans or to price insurance, you should only need to make one call. That’s why I’m here. I’ve been a small business owner. I know the struggles in operating your own business. I’ve created a network a trusted people who can help you if I don’t have the knowledge. I can even set up the meeting. Even if you are just starting out, I can help you.

If you are forward thinking and aren’t satisfied with the status quo in your business, give me a call to discuss.


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